Löftaån river

Frillesås, Kungsbacka

Löftaån river in Frillesås forms the boundary between Kungsbacka and Varberg Municipalities. The river starts at Håfors and runs out into the sea. It has salmon and salmon trout, and there are also pike, perch and eels further upstream.

Contact information

Löftaåns fiskevårdsförening

43960 Frillesås
Phone: +46-705181073
Mobile: +46-705181073

E-mail: prflugor@live.se
Website: http://www.loftaanlillesjon.se

Price information

1-day permit: SEK 60. Free for children under 14.


Fishing permits are sold at: Konsum in Frillesås, +46 (0)340-65 00 03